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The Aftereffects of a Pandemic: Eating Disorders and COVID

by Hanna Carney // Trigger Warning: this article discusses eating disorders and body image. Everyone can appreciate a good ice breaker question. The rare thought-provoker can save you from having to listen to the all-too-monotonous answers of your classmates during syllabus week. One of my professors tried to get creative by asking us “how have […]

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The Untold Truth About the Birth Control Pill

by Mari Troitiño // Disclaimer: Please note that the following article uses the word “women” to largely refer to cisgendered women; this is not meant to be dismissive of transgender and gender nonbinary experiences. We acknowledge that the discourse surrounding sexual and reproductive health greatly omits a diverse community of transgender and gender nonbinary people […]

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Female Body Insecurities in Athletics: Victoria Garrick’s REALPOD

by Maria Siciliano // It’s time we get #real about the topic of body insecurities: a topic that is so prevalent among the world of female athletes, but rarely touched upon. There is a constant binary created within the athletic world for females. We’re constantly training to build up our muscles to become powerful and […]