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A Sad Girl’s Love Song

by Leio Koga // Slyvia Plath left a literary legacy behind her, although her story is quite the tragedy. Plath was a brilliant student but struggled with severe mental illnesses from a young age. By the time she was 30, Plath was well-known in the literary community. She was known for her confessional style of […]

Creative Poetry

Glass Ceilings Shattered

by Maria Siciliano // First woman to… is all you hear as glass shards fall to the floor. Trailblazing, innovating, and mold-breakingAre the womxn who shatter glass ceilingsAnd stand in places never stood in by womxn before. And the womxn who defend, uphold, and guard their worth,Are the same ones in living rooms and at dinner tablesListening […]