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Play Recommendation: Diana Son’s Stop Kiss

by Miya Kuramoto // Last semester my playwriting professor recommended reading Diana Son’s Stop Kiss. This play has a non-chronological timeline, something I was trying to achieve in the play I was working on at the time. While I did enjoy the structure of the play, I found the discussions of sexuality, sexual harassment, and […]

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“How Privileged Are You?” Quizzes: Why Quantifying Privilege is Harmful

by Nara Cowing // “Check your privilege.”  This is a common mantra that people recite without providing a tangible way of doing so. You can reflect on your experiences and those of others, you can take a moment to be thankful for what you have and acknowledge that everyone faces and overcomes different societal boundaries. […]

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Riot Grrrl: The Then & Now of DIY Feminism

by Alice Kenny // Riot Grrrl is on the tongues of many young feminists today. Many of us are familiar with it but are not in touch with its origin. Academic feminism, the kind of feminism that develops on and inhabits college campuses in the Western world, is far removed from the punk scene and […]