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‘Tis the Season: Gender Roles & the Holidays

With December finally here and the first layer of snow on the ground, I would normally be preparing myself emotionally and physically (extra jumping jacks) for the series of family filled, food-guzzling holidays which round out every year. Due to mounting COVID cases across the country, however, this year is looking a little different and […]

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Call Her Daddy: Feminism or Faux?

by Isa Meyers // “Degrade me.” This phrase accurately reflects the sentiment of the Barstool Sports podcast Call Her Daddy. After its debut in the fall of 2018, Call Her Daddy immediately became popularized, launching co-hosts Alexandra Cooper (26) and Sofia Franklyn (28) into stardom. Now solely hosted by Cooper, listeners can tune in to […]

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One Day at a Time: The Dire Need for Representation in Television

by Nara Cowing // While Hollywood is still typically white, straight, and overall quite traditional, One Day at a Time breaks boundaries and norms, setting a model for the rest of the industry to follow. After being canceled by two networks, the show’s cast has just lost the fight to be picked up by a […]


Meet the Female Characters in Shakespeare’s Richard the Second

William Shakespeare is one of the most popular playwrights of all time, and his writing continues to be a source of inspiration for further questions of study. In his work The Life and Death of King Richard the Second, the power of effective language is a critical part of the play, and one of the […]


Single Mothers in the COVID-19 Pandemic

by Valentina Loaiza // The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly impacted families with children. With the closing of schools at the beginning of the pandemic, some of us might have witnessed our parents struggling to find a babysitter to take care of our younger siblings. Others probably came home from college to take on that huge […]

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Dear X: An Open Letter to Misogynistic Men

by Miya Kuramoto // The letter below is addressed to all of the Xs of the world that harass women for no good reason. Dear X, I am sick and tired of making excuses for you; blaming myself to rationalize your behavior. I am done watching you abuse the power that you hold as a […]


What Does Feminism Actually Mean in Politics?

by Aditi Hukerikar // Women who are political figures have an important role in the feminist movement; they have both the platforms and the political power to make lasting change and promote women’s issues. However, feminism, as a concept, has been used less as a driving force for change and more as a shield against […]

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Elisabeth’s Letters from Batavia: Immigration Detention and Injustice

by Alice Kenny // Elisabeth, a pseudonym, is a thirty-year-old woman who has been held in the Buffalo (Batavia) Federal Detention Facility for nearly two years. She fled her home country of El Salvador after experiencing extreme violence and trauma and came to the United States seeking asylum. She was arrested and detained by Immigration […]

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Female Hysteria?: A Question of Silence Film Review

by Maria Siciliano// The courtroom was filled with an uproarious chorus of laughter by every woman in attendance.  This is how the film by Marleen Gorris, A Question of Silence, closes with no further explanation. In this highly controversial 1980s film, I was truly struck by the feminist critique that the director posits on society. […]

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The Importance of Intersectionality

by Aditi Hukerikar // What does feminism say about how women interact with each other? If women are seeking to gain respect, isn’t it important to also respect other women and treat each other equally? Isn’t it our duty as feminists to support other women and ensure that we stand united amongst ourselves before we […]