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The Evil Witch Inside Us

by Helen Zhang // Look around your room. How many mirrors do you see?  Now, if you did not include your phone, laptop, or other technology with screens, adjust your answer.  Did your number change? Mine certainly did. Personally, I have five mirrors in my bedroom alone. That fact shocks me. After all, like many […]

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On Being Basic

by Isa Meyers // If you do any of the following: Love watching The Bachelor Have attended Coachella Exclusively drink rosé  Regularly post selfies on social media And/or, hop on the latest fashion trends you are, by most definitions, a basic bitch. The term basic bitch, commonly shortened to just basic, popped up in pop […]

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Hi My Name Is [Mee-ya]

by Miya Kuramoto // A solo-performance written and performed by Miya herself. Winner of the Solo Performance category of the 2020 Heermans-McCalmon Competition. Full Transcription: My name is Miya. That is spelled M-I-Y-A. Sometimes when I go to the doctors office I see in my charts that they write down [Mee-ya], M-E-E-Y-A. You know that […]

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Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am—Celebrating a Prominent Woman and Writer

by Hanna Carney // Morrison wants us to read, write, think, and reimagine our lives through a different perspective and find agency there. Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am recounts the life of Toni Morrison—Nobel-prize-winning writer, editor, and professor. The biopic is shaped by interviews with Morrison and her colleagues (such as Angela […]