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Cycles and Symptoms: A Fact Sheet on PMS and PMDD

Let’s Talk About the Taboo Did anyone else read American Girl’s The Care & Keeping of You? When I was twelve, I knew that becoming a teenager equaled entering puberty, which meant some big changes were about to happen to my body. I credit The Care & Keeping of You with teaching me about the […]

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Somewhere Between Fucking Bitches and Respecting Women: Separating the Art from the Artist

by Cella Schnabel // I was brought up in a house headed by a matriarch. I learned to be a feminist before I could tie my shoes. I have been surrounded by smart, kind, strong women my entire life. This served me to be confident in myself as a young woman; I am assertive in […]

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Buying Clothes: It’s a Cinch

by Claire Mullen // We’ve All Been There Have you ever found yourself crying in the Kohl’s dressing room? Or trying on a heap of clothing and none of it works? These seem to be common struggles, but buying clothes as a woman is really easy. I really don’t see what people are complaining about. […]

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“You” Season 3: Yet Another Representation of the White Male Gaze

by Isa Meyers // The third season of Netflix’s thriller series You was released in October 2021. The season’s mere 10 episodes document the manipulative and murderous Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley of Gossip Girl) alongside his equally violent wife Love Quinn (played by Victoria Pedretti) as they struggle to raise their son in […]


The Whistleblower that Unearthed The Truth: Social Media and the Degradation of Young Girls’ Mental Health

by Izzy MacFarlane // As social media has become more prevalent in our society, there has been a corresponding increase in mental health issues, specifically that of body image affecting primarily young girls. All different forms of social media have an impact on mental health. However, it has been revealed that Instagram is the main […]


Altruism, Performative Activism, and the Instagram Infographic

by Natalie Brennan // Let’s Talk Altruism I took a philosophy course my senior year of high school. Aside from discussing philosophical works, we spent most of our class time discussing personal morals and ethics. It was an intense yet rewarding experience where I fear my pretentious side was cultured. To this day it is […]

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by anonymous // today,my ex-girlfriend told meshe wanted us to get back together. how do i tell her ididn’t just survive the breakup, i thrived? i didn’t grieve because i wasn’t experiencing a loss, i didn’t cry because there was nothing to be sad about;i found great friends and a brand new jobi started studying for […]

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Sex Education Season Three: Gendered Difference in Character Development

by Hanna Carney // The Netflix original Sex Education has been getting a lot of praise for its depiction of sex-positivity and its empowerment of teenagers and adults since Season One was released. Sex Education Season Three was recently released on September 17 2021, and its fan base remains enthusiastic about the series. The show […]

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Reminder: All Cosplayers Deserve Respect

by Aditi Hukerikar // After transitioning to a virtual format due to the pandemic, comic conventions are finally returning to their former glory. October 7-10 of this year, droves of fans eagerly attended New York Comic-Con. Sadly, along with the return of Comic-Con comes another pre-pandemic occurrence: the criticism women face for cosplaying at conventions. […]

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Centering Intersectional Gender Justice and Resources: Cornell Women’s Resource Center

by Isa Meyers // Cornell attempts to offer adequate financial, mental health, and wellness resources for its nearly 15,000 undergraduates students. From Cornell Health’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) to residence halls established to offer a place of community for students of color (such as Akwe:kon, Ujamaa, and the Latino Living Center), the university commends […]