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by Hanna Carney // It can be hard to keep up with everything going on in the world–especially now, and especially as a full time student. Here is a list of compiled resources for readers to self-educate and support feminist issues and BIPOC communities. Ways to Donate 68 Ways to Donate in Support of Asian […]


The Obsession Over the “Perfect” Pregnancy

by Valentina Loaiza // Earlier last month, I encountered a video of ¡Despierta América! host, Francisca Lachapel, responding to criticisms about her pregnancy. In a ten-minute video posted on her Instagram as an “IGTV,” teary-eyed Lachapel expressed her frustration and sadness after constantly seeing negative comments and messages about changes to her weight and Lachapel […]

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A Sad Girl’s Love Song

by Leio Koga // Slyvia Plath left a literary legacy behind her, although her story is quite the tragedy. Plath was a brilliant student but struggled with severe mental illnesses from a young age. By the time she was 30, Plath was well-known in the literary community. She was known for her confessional style of […]

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The Evil Witch Inside Us

by Helen Zhang // Look around your room. How many mirrors do you see?  Now, if you did not include your phone, laptop, or other technology with screens, adjust your answer.  Did your number change? Mine certainly did. Personally, I have five mirrors in my bedroom alone. That fact shocks me. After all, like many […]

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Aditi’s Makeup Story

by Aditi Hukerikar // When I was in middle school, I thought that I was ugly. Not an uncommon experience for young girls to have (which is an issue in its own right) but one that defined how I felt about myself as I grew up. There definitely wasn’t one cause for it, but rather […]

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What the Fuck’s a FUPA?

by Isa Meyers // The term FUPA became popularized back in 2018 when Beyoncé’s fourth Vogue cover spread and story were published. The interview focused on her recent pregnancy from 2017 after she gave birth to her third child. In her interview, she begins to discuss her body postpartum. She said: “To this day my […]

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Do Better, Cornell Health: Students Share Testimonies of Their Experiences

by Hanna Carney // Trigger Warning: Anxiety, depression, and mention of suicidal thoughts  I recently overheard a student having a conversation with a member of Cornell Health’s staff. The student expressed how he thought Cornell Health services should be advertised better, as he felt that a lot of students do not take advantage of the […]

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On Being Basic

by Isa Meyers // If you do any of the following: Love watching The Bachelor Have attended Coachella Exclusively drink rosé  Regularly post selfies on social media And/or, hop on the latest fashion trends you are, by most definitions, a basic bitch. The term basic bitch, commonly shortened to just basic, popped up in pop […]

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Are You Intimidated by the Men in Your STEM Classes?

by Mahika Goel // Don’t worry, me too.  Guys carrying their shell-shaped backpacks all over campus, filled with just about 20 pounds of hardware freak me out.  The sound of their fingers clicking and clacking to reveal a slew of code that they only half explain makes me flinch.  Hearing about how they’ve been working […]

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Depicting Sexual Violence in Television

by Aditi Hukerikar // Trigger Warning: This article contains mentions and descriptions of sexual assault. Please read with caution. Disclaimer(05/2021): This article was written before season four of The Handmaid’s Tale and the events that occur in that season’s plot. The CDC reports that in the United States, over 1 in 3 women and 1 […]