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A College Student’s Pandemic Survival Guide for Staying in School

by Alice Kenny // I want to start this piece by saying that this is supposed to be fun.  The truth is that I have no idea how to do this. I don’t really have any secrets to dealing with all of the big and terrible things that have come with a global pandemic. I’m […]

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The Aftereffects of a Pandemic: Eating Disorders and COVID

by Hanna Carney // Trigger Warning: this article discusses eating disorders and body image. Everyone can appreciate a good ice breaker question. The rare thought-provoker can save you from having to listen to the all-too-monotonous answers of your classmates during syllabus week. One of my professors tried to get creative by asking us “how have […]

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Billie Gets COVID

by Billie Koffman // After ten months of avoiding gatherings, dodging strangers in the grocery store and on the street, and holding my breath in elevators, I thought I had finally figured out how to deal with the pandemic. Then, two days before New Year’s, I tested positive for COVID-19: a truly fitting end to […]