Creative Health & Wellness

A College Student’s Pandemic Survival Guide for Staying in School

by Alice Kenny // I want to start this piece by saying that this is supposed to be fun.  The truth is that I have no idea how to do this. I don’t really have any secrets to dealing with all of the big and terrible things that have come with a global pandemic. I’m […]

Nonfiction Opinion

Are You Intimidated by the Men in Your STEM Classes?

by Mahika Goel // Don’t worry, me too.  Guys carrying their shell-shaped backpacks all over campus, filled with just about 20 pounds of hardware freak me out.  The sound of their fingers clicking and clacking to reveal a slew of code that they only half explain makes me flinch.  Hearing about how they’ve been working […]

Creative Satire

Why Women Shouldn’t Be Allowed in Higher Education

As a woman and a current Cornell undergraduate, I feel that I am an extremely qualified source when it comes to explaining why women shouldn’t be allowed into higher education. Now, perhaps that sentence shocks you. Perhaps there are even those of you who would argue that, given the privilege I have been afforded, my […]